1. What’s the benefit of a backpack vacuum cleaner?

Backpack vacuum cleaners are much more efficient cleaning 3 times faster* than the traditional upright vacuum cleaners. This higher productivity rate will result in a cost saving to your business.

Click here to see the Pacvac productivity calculator

With a battery operated backpack vacuum cleaner there is no cord which will reduce any trip hazards for residents, pupils or members of the public.

*The Official ISSA 612 Cleaning Times and Tasks


2. Why Pacvac?

Pacvac offer an innovative backpack solution and is very sought after as the number one brand by many of the world’s most professional cleaning companies.

"The overall productivity of the site was previously 251M2 ph and since we’ve commenced using the Pacvac battery machine, this has increased to 358m2 ph giving an annual saving of £75k"  - Vinci Facilities 

Pacvac uses smart technology and clever design to ensure ultimate comfort, motor longevity and maximum airflow using the unique Hypercone Filter. The combination results in a highly effective product to aid cleaning and increase productivity.

There are two Pacvac products available to purchase from Wightman & Parish:

- Superpro 700 (link to product)
- Superpro battery 700 (link to product): comes with two battery          packs and a charging unit

Both products utilise Pacvac’s unique HEPA Rated Hypercone Filter technology, are ultra-light and built for durability.

  3. Can I book a free demonstration?

Speak to one of our advisors to find out if you can get a demonstration booked in.  Simply complete our online form here or contact one of our friendly advisors on 01323 445 005. 



4.  What are my servicing options? 

An annual service is recommended with the Pacvac vacuum cleaner and our engineering team will give you a call to remind you of this when the service is due. There are two servicing options available at an additional cost through Wightman & Parrish;

Option 1: A service pack including all the replacement filters and parts for you to install (£30)

Option 2: Our engineers will conduct a full service of the Pacvac machine and issue a certificate of inspection (£55)


5. How can I purchase the Pacvac through Wightman & Parrish?

 You can purchase the Pacvac vacuum cleaner through our website, via your account manager or over the phone.


 Web: www.w-p.co.uk/ 

 Phone: 01323 445 005