Make way for the new age of backpack vacuum cleaners. More and more businesses are making the transition from their traditional upright or canister vacuum cleaners and reaping the rewards.

As new backpack vacuum cleaner brands enter the market place, we took a closer look at the benefits of these innovative cleaning solutions.  


 1. Ergonomic benefits

Within the cleaning industry, musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders are a key cause of illness. This isn’t surprising as it is a very active role and often using heavy or awkward equipment. In fact, according to the HSE, 35% of days lost in 2016/17 were due to MSK related conditions. And it’s very likely this number will be higher in the cleaning industry.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are designed to be ultra-light and work with the shape of your body with huge ergonomic benefits. You do not need to bend or stretch as much as you do with a canister vacuum cleaner as the weight is actually balanced on your back. This reduces strain on your upper limbs and back meaning MSK disorders could be prevented.


2. Increase in productivity (reducing your costs)

Studies have shown that using a backpack vacuum cleaner can drastically increase the productivity of your cleaning staff. This is because you have much more freedom to move and can often reach places you couldn’t easily before. The cord also falls behind you reducing trip hazards and increasing efficiency.

The ISSA 612 Cleaning Times & Tasks shows backpack vacuum cleaners have a cleaning rate of 676m2 per hour. That’s three times higher than your traditional upright vacuum cleaner which cleans at a rate of 208m2 per hour. A more productive workforce inevitably means a reduction in costs – it’s a win-win!


3. Increasing your reach

With a backpack vacuum cleaner, the hose can be easily lifted to reach places that have often proved tricky in the past. This means staff can use the vacuum cleaner for multiple tasks without putting strain on their back or upper limbs.


4. Noise reduction

With modern backpack vacuum cleaners, they are often designed to reduce noise meaning less disruption to the workplace. This is especially beneficial if your cleaning staff operate during working hours or work in a place such as a care home where noise could distress the residents.

We always recommend doing your research to find out which vacuum is right for your business. Our team at Wightman & Parrish would be happy to assist in finding the right solution for your business needs.

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